Flab to Fit… it’s about time

I haven’t posted since June? So much has happened since then. I’ve gained weight. I’ve had to drop out of the half marathon (hamstring issues). I’ve turned into a mess but refuse to give up.

Today is a fresh start! 

A new start to a low glycemic diet. A new workout out regime that goes above running…. I will go into more details with another post. Most importantly, as Ms. Labelle would say, “I have a new attitude!”

My goals go beyond weight loss. Though I will lose more than 39# (eventually), I also want to be stronger, faster and more flexible. It will happen I know. It just takes time.

Here is my starting block:

Weight: 169#

BMI: 28.6

Body Fat Percentage: 44.8%

Body Muscle Percentage: 23.2%

Real Body Age: 57

Visceral Fat: 9


Finding my running groove again

Never could I have been compared to sleek gazelle or cheetah. I have also never had any illusions of grandeur about my running speed. I have, however been much faster than my current state (~11 minute mile). I know I will eventually get faster but for now, I have to accept my slow speed.

Mind you, I did not do that with yesterday’s 3 mile run. Having apparently taking temporary leave of my faculties I ran the first half under the illusion that I had gone back in time and trying to maintain a 10 minute pace. Not to shockingly, I had to stop, catch my breath and even walk .25 mile. Then I could finish my run at the much slower pace.

With today’s 5 mile run, I used more common sense. Trying to keep my pace between 10:45 and 11:00, I did so very much better! I ran the entire distance under 55 minutes and averaged a 10:52 pace.

While I have a long road ahead of me to return to a 10 minute pace. I know I can do it! It just takes time.

Prairie State Half Marathon

After some soul-searching and a heart-to-heart conversation with my fiancée, I have decided to reenter the world of half marathons. I will limit myself to one each year. This year, I will run one that I have never done before, the Prairie State Half Marathon. It’s new, it’s local, and hopefully, it will be completely awesome! My training plan, and ALWAYS use a training plan when running a half marathon, is by Hal Higdon. The man is a genius! I’ve used him to train for 7 half marathons and 1 marathon.

A running I will go

Do you ever feel like you’re not whole? Like something is missing? That is what I feel like when I am away from running. I’ve been like too often as I’ve late. I’m trying to change. I hope to run everyday through Friday. Starting next week, I will be returning to a creative and challenging regime of running, strength training and more.

This week has consisted of some short runs. I ran four miles yesterday and today was three. I have been pretty slow in my pace but I realize it will take a while to get back into my running groove. I hope to use the next six weeks to lose some of my excess weight and to create a routine that will continue after that.

Moving slowly but only halfhearted

I’m slowly getting my exercise butt back in gear again. I’ve gone for a couple 3 mile runs outside. I have also cycled a little bit inside and out. These are only mini steps in the right direction. I must push myself harder and every day that I can. I also need to do a 180 degree change on my diet. Ugh! I need a slap upside my head.

What have I done to myself?

I truly don’t know what to say for myself. Over the last two months, I have ceased to participate in any form of exercise. I have stopped following any resemblance of  a diet. I’ve barely consumed any water and… while I could continue describing my own form of self-destruction, I will stop. Now I could make countless excuses as to why I gave up on myself, but I won’t.

The bottom line is: I didn’t make myself a priority. I ignored the weight gain, my running, my diet/exercise log, and  my basement aka The Pain Cave awaited me with beautiful equipment and other resources that many people would just dream about.

So as not to make this post a completely doom-and-gloom essay, I have a few positive notes to highlight. First of all, the last time I stepped on the scale (I think it was yesterday), I was very close to 160#. Considering how much I have blatantly ignored my diet and workouts over the last two months… this is nothing short of a miracle. Also, I am making very serious plans to get back on track in June. While that may sound like procrastination, this is the reality of my life lately.

While I no longer have races to train for,  I have to start to create for myself my own specific goals, objectives, deadlines and odd as it may sound, my own races. I already miss not training for running races like marathons and half-marathons. I did promise my fiancee last year that if she tolerated me through my marathon training and race ( to hope for support would not have been likely), that I would no longer register for those kind of races again. That’ s a promise that I sometimes regret making. When I give my word, however, I keep it.

Are you kidding me?

I don’t believe it. I really don’t *bleep* believe it!! Yesterday I didn’t workout as I was taking care of someone else.  Today I wake up to a snuffly, runny nose! Noooooo! In all fairness, the root of my nasal evil isn’t necessarily the love of my life. After all, I do work with the public, especially kids and they are not always known for sneezing into their elbows, covering their coughs and washing their hands. Needless to say, I’m doing the Zicam, hot tea, Kleenex thing. I really can’t get sick and this must get better.

Now as if today wasn’t off to a bad enough start, it is also my official weigh-in day and that didn’t go very well. My workouts haven’t been what they should and I know I haven’t been as diligent with my diet. Both have got to change… NOW. How can I expect to have the body I want and the health I need without staying on track? It needs to be one day at a time, staying steadfast and being mindful. I digress.

The following information is from this morning’s weigh-in: weight- 165# (+.25#); BMI – 27.9 (no change); body fat – 43.4% (+1%); body muscle – 23.9% (-.7%); resting metabolic – 1448 (-3); body age – 56 (+1) and visceral fat – 8 (no change). This has got to change!!

Workout withdrawl

Hello, I am a runner. It kills me to write that I didn’t get my workout in today. I’m trying to build stamina, endurance and in general getting myself on the right journey to amazing athletic goddess (THAT will take a lot of work)… but I digress. I didn’t do any kind of workout today. That’s what happens when you’re fianc’ee is home from work and needs extra attention. You must always take care of those you love.

Tomorrow is another day. I will try to really push myself in the morning.

In a flash!

You can’t pass up a beautiful day without doing something outside. Am I right? I had to work today and get some tasks done before work, so I decided to test my running speed this morning. I wanted to test just how fast that I could run a mile. I got dressed, cued up my Garmin and hit the ground running as fast as I could. The result? 1 mile in 8:58. Is it the fastest that I’ve ever ran? No, but for me, it was pretty damn fast.