Weigh-in #3 Post screw up (PSU)

It’s that time of the week again. You may have guessed it: the dreaded scale day. I tipped the scales at 162.2#. While I am still at a gain for the month, I have lost 1.5# since my fall from grace. Other health statistics include: body fat (29.3%), water percentage (43.7%), body muscle (34.4%), bone density (4.2) and  BMI (27.4-overweight). 

I am currently 27.2# away from my ideal goal weight. I have a long road to reach my other goals as well. It will happen! Of that, I have no doubt. I am starting to get my exercise and diet plan back on track.  


No California Dreaming Here AKA NPNG#4

Normally today’s running workout would have been brought to you from the Pain Cave and my deathmill. Thanks to climate change, my Midwestern weather has been in a heatwave. I actually got to run OUTSIDE in February. S-weet!

What started out as a 3 mile run, grew into a 4 mile… then 5 mile and eventually, a 5.5 mile run! While it wasn’t the best pace/time that I’ve ran. It was awesome!!

Guess what? The next two days are supposed to be the same lovely weather and I plan on taking full advantage of them.  I am going to be working hard to get my running mojo back.

Catapulted Off the Bandwagon

When trying to lose weight and transform their lives, some people make mistakes. They may slip a little. They may fall off the bandwagon. Not me. I don’t just fall off the bandwagon, I catapult myself off of it with great speed and force.

Where should I start with my description of my recent path of self-destruction? Well, there is the recent lack of commitment to my exercise regime. There’s my recent hiatus from using My Fitness Pal. Mostly, I think it is largely due to my current utter disregard to the GI Diet I had been falling.  (I don’t think eating half of a box of chocolates last night helped matters.)

This shouldn’t shock you that not only did I not lose this past week, I gained almost four pounds. My weight is back to 163.8#.

Starting with this morning, I am slowly getting back on track. I know what I need to due, I must be fully committed to this lifestyle change.

No Pain, No Gain #2 & #3

You know the saying, my eyes are bigger than my stomach… well with yesterday’s and today’s workouts, I have my own similar thought. My exercise goals were loftier than my current abilities. Hmmm, I don’t think that has the same flow. That said, I think you may know what I mean.

Take yesterday’s workout as an example. I WAS supposed to perform five repetitions of run 8 minutes at a challenging pace, then walk a minute at a moderate pace. Had I been thinking properly, I would have had my running pace be a tad bit slower (yet still challenging). Instead, I killed those first eight minutes, barely trudged my one minute of walking then had to quit due to exhaustion. THAT was very stupid on my part and I knew better. Now given a few weeks more of my training, I could have run at that speed with no issues just not yet.

Today’s example was to include a killer strength training workout then running 30 minutes on the deathmill (aka treadmill). Hmmm, thinking a bit more rationally today I only ran for the 30 minutes. I hope to complete an office workout while at work today. (More details on an office workout another time.)

This week’s lesson: It’s all fine and good to have goals. Just use your head when making them and when completing them as well.

Weigh-In #1

This will be a weekly event. My attempts in sharing this information publicly is to keep me on task and accountable. Here is my current status and what my goals are:

  • Weight: 159.8# (Goal weight 135-140#)
  • Body Fat Percentage: 28.9% (Goal 20-21%)
  • Body Water Percentage: 44.5% (Goal 40-45%)
  • Body Muscle Percentage: 33.7% (Goal 35-40%)
  • Bone Density: 4.2 (Goal 4-4.2)
  • BMI: 27 (Goal 23-24)

No Pain, No Gain,

This morning’s edition of No Pain No Gain (NPNG) is brought to you by the Pain Cave. Is this some sick S&M establishment? Heavens no! This is the area of the basement designated to everything cardio and strength training. This morning consists of Strength Training Workout A and 20 minutes vigorous biking on the trainer. The strength training was one set of twelve repetitions of various total body exercises including: squats, good mornings, reverse lunges, bench presses, planking and more. This morning’s bike ride was through the beautiful state of Hawaii. Virtually, of course, using a great DVD from the Bike-O-Vision series.

I’m on a journey. A journey to better health, better running and a better life in general. This isn’t day one of my adventure. I have already lost some weight, ran some amazing races and have started my transformation. Through a variety of adventurous activities like biking, running, strength training (and who knows what else I will want to try) and continuing to transform my diet (basing premise is food as body fuel), I still have a long road ahead of me. I hope you will join me on my travels.