No Pain, No Gain #2 & #3

You know the saying, my eyes are bigger than my stomach… well with yesterday’s and today’s workouts, I have my own similar thought. My exercise goals were loftier than my current abilities. Hmmm, I don’t think that has the same flow. That said, I think you may know what I mean.

Take yesterday’s workout as an example. I WAS supposed to perform five repetitions of run 8 minutes at a challenging pace, then walk a minute at a moderate pace. Had I been thinking properly, I would have had my running pace be a tad bit slower (yet still challenging). Instead, I killed those first eight minutes, barely trudged my one minute of walking then had to quit due to exhaustion. THAT was very stupid on my part and I knew better. Now given a few weeks more of my training, I could have run at that speed with no issues just not yet.

Today’s example was to include a killer strength training workout then running 30 minutes on the deathmill (aka treadmill). Hmmm, thinking a bit more rationally today I only ran for the 30 minutes. I hope to complete an office workout while at work today. (More details on an office workout another time.)

This week’s lesson: It’s all fine and good to have goals. Just use your head when making them and when completing them as well.


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