Catapulted Off the Bandwagon

When trying to lose weight and transform their lives, some people make mistakes. They may slip a little. They may fall off the bandwagon. Not me. I don’t just fall off the bandwagon, I catapult myself off of it with great speed and force.

Where should I start with my description of my recent path of self-destruction? Well, there is the recent lack of commitment to my exercise regime. There’s my recent hiatus from using My Fitness Pal. Mostly, I think it is largely due to my current utter disregard to the GI Diet I had been falling.  (I don’t think eating half of a box of chocolates last night helped matters.)

This shouldn’t shock you that not only did I not lose this past week, I gained almost four pounds. My weight is back to 163.8#.

Starting with this morning, I am slowly getting back on track. I know what I need to due, I must be fully committed to this lifestyle change.


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