Priorities, Commitment & Choices

Life is about priorities, commitment and choices. What you want? How bad you want it? Are you willing to make the right choices in order to make your dream come true?

Have I always done what I should? Heavens no!  I am getting better though. Am I fully committed? Some people may argue that I should be (just kidding). Seriously though, I want to be but I’m not currently. I could write endlessly about what I coulda, woulda, shoulda and obviously didn’ta; but what good would come from that. I don’t want, nor do I need, a pity party.

I do need to continue to change (it is a process). I need to establish my priorities, make the right choices and I need to be fully committed to make all of this happen. I need to be bound to the priorities and choices that I need to make in order to make my dreams come true. While this could be said for any of the dreams that I have, I will address the physical/health ones in this blog.

Also, I should let you know about my weigh-in update. I weighed in yesterday at 161.4# (lost .8#), body fat percentage 29.0%, body water percentage 44.0%, body muscle percentage 34.3%, bone density 4.2. This is a slight improvement with a long road ahead of me.


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