Playing Catch-up with Mini-posts

So much has happened since my last post…. um well, not really but I do have a bit of catching up to do with you. That said, let me begin at the beginning of the week.

Monday: Otherwise known as “oh my god, what the hell did I do to myself this last weekend”. After a weekend of completely sabotaging my diet and additionally ignoring any form of exercise, I *shocker* gained some weight and couldn’t run to save my life. While this should come to a surprise for no one, I have learned that if I eat like crap before I run… I cannot run to save my life. Such was the case of Monday’s attempt of a three mile run. Essentially I had to walk most of it as my stomach decided to stage a revolution.

Tuesday: This was the day of salmon running and a not so great weigh-in. When I ran my four miles that morning, I found it all to be a bit of a challenge. With the gusty winds, I often imagined myself to be a salmon attempting to swim upstream. It was not pretty in the very least. Run: 4 miles. Time: 43.36. Pace: 10:54

Think of not being pretty, I also did my official weigh-in. While it could have been much better… here is the results: weight 160.2# (-1.2#); body fat percentage 28.9% (-.1%); water percentage 44.4% (+.4); body muscle percentage 33.7 (-.6); bone density 4.2 (no change) and BMI 27.1. It could have been more impressive had I not blown it all on the weekend.

Wednesday: While I know that I should have worked out, I chose to spent quality time with my furry children this morning.

Thursday aka today: The run could have been beautiful if Mother Nature hadn’t decided to let the snow fly on my 44 minute run. The cold, I can deal with but the snow was another matter entirely. Sometimes it was challenge to see and deal with an occasionally slippery route. When all was said and done: Run: 3.84 miles. Time:44:00. Pace: 11:28.

Tomorrow will most likely entail an indoor run in The Pain Cave.



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