Mother Nature Workout

Today’s workout is brought to you by Mother Nature and her occasionally wicked sense of humor.  Now mind you, I live in the Midwest and spring weather varies at best… but I was far from happy to have it snow last night and today (and most likely tomorrow as well). After all, it is mid-March. I want spring!!!

That said, knowing that I needed to get a workout only in. Today I ignored my snowblower and I shoveled. Before traipsing out into the snow in my snow pants and the rest of my winter attire, I clicked on my weighted workout vest. After properly dressing myself I not only shoveled my driveway, but most of my neighbor’s as well. I would have much rather ran on my deathmill in the Pain Cave, but when nature calls (in this case, Mother Nature), sometimes you have to adjust your workouts.

By taking tomorrow off, I hope to achieve a double workout day and combine today’s missed workout and tomorrow’s prescribed workout. Who knows? With tomorrow’s predicted snow accrual, I just may get three workouts in. Oh boy! 😦



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