Pushing it in the Pain Cave & Setbacks

Let me start out with the positive. This morning I ran through the forest (albeit virtually) on the Deathmill in the Pain Cave. It was a glorious 65 minute, 6.23 mi interval run. It was six intervals of 5.7-5.9 for 9 minutes/ 5.4-5.6 for 1 minute. Followed by five minutes at a 6.0 speed. It was beautiful! Totals 70 minutes (gotta have a cool down); 6.47 miles.

Now, the not so good news. Last week I had my semiannual blood test. I have a long history with high cholesterol and have had to take medication most of my adult life. I’ve been able to be Lipitor-free. Sadly, that is no longer the case. I shall spare you the grisly details of all of the numbers but just know that it is the worst numbers I ever had and total cholesterol was 264. Well many cuss words were spoken by me as I received the news, and my wake up call arrived. I promptly started my research. After 24 hours, I have come up with a game plan: combine the Dash Diet with the Low G.I. Diet, amp up the exercise and water and keep track every day with My Fitness Pal app. Then, at my next blood test in October, well see how I did.



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