Weigh-in Take 2

While I’ve had another big setback lately, I’m also working with new tools. In this case, I’m referring to a new scale. (The old one would produce different numbers, even if you just stepped off of it and got right back on.) The new scale is by Omron. When I reluctantly climbed on it today, let me share what I learned about my current pathetic state.

Weight: self-explanatory and currently is 167# (32# left to lose).

BMI: body mass index and currently is 28.3 (I have quite a journey to get below 25)

Body muscle %(bum): currently only 24.4%. Truly sad.

Resting metabolism: This should be the calories I’m burning while at rest. This makes no sense as it suggests that I burn 1460 calories at rest. Ummmm maybe if I was Michael Phelps.

Body age: another self-explanatory and currently 56. Seriously, this is eight years older than my chronological age.

Visceral fat: the fat surrounding one’s abs and other internal organs.  The number should be 1-12. I’m currently have the  #8. Not bad but not great.

I need improvements across the board. 


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