Are you kidding me?

I don’t believe it. I really don’t *bleep* believe it!! Yesterday I didn’t workout as I was taking care of someone else.  Today I wake up to a snuffly, runny nose! Noooooo! In all fairness, the root of my nasal evil isn’t necessarily the love of my life. After all, I do work with the public, especially kids and they are not always known for sneezing into their elbows, covering their coughs and washing their hands. Needless to say, I’m doing the Zicam, hot tea, Kleenex thing. I really can’t get sick and this must get better.

Now as if today wasn’t off to a bad enough start, it is also my official weigh-in day and that didn’t go very well. My workouts haven’t been what they should and I know I haven’t been as diligent with my diet. Both have got to change… NOW. How can I expect to have the body I want and the health I need without staying on track? It needs to be one day at a time, staying steadfast and being mindful. I digress.

The following information is from this morning’s weigh-in: weight- 165# (+.25#); BMI – 27.9 (no change); body fat – 43.4% (+1%); body muscle – 23.9% (-.7%); resting metabolic – 1448 (-3); body age – 56 (+1) and visceral fat – 8 (no change). This has got to change!!


Workout withdrawl

Hello, I am a runner. It kills me to write that I didn’t get my workout in today. I’m trying to build stamina, endurance and in general getting myself on the right journey to amazing athletic goddess (THAT will take a lot of work)… but I digress. I didn’t do any kind of workout today. That’s what happens when you’re fianc’ee is home from work and needs extra attention. You must always take care of those you love.

Tomorrow is another day. I will try to really push myself in the morning.

In a flash!

You can’t pass up a beautiful day without doing something outside. Am I right? I had to work today and get some tasks done before work, so I decided to test my running speed this morning. I wanted to test just how fast that I could run a mile. I got dressed, cued up my Garmin and hit the ground running as fast as I could. The result? 1 mile in 8:58. Is it the fastest that I’ve ever ran? No, but for me, it was pretty damn fast.

Returning to some old friends

This morning’s workout is brought to you by the Pain Cave. Not having done either workout in a while, today I did small rowing and cycling workout. Trying to ease myself back into these areas I did not go crazy this morning. Mind you, I still worked up a sweat and a sore but. I rowed for 10 minutes for 1730 meters and biked vigorously around the Hawaiian islands for 20 minutes. Its a small workout I know but having ran 6 miles late yesterday afternoon, I didn’t want to completely murder my legs.

Fresh warm air run

Today’s run is brought to you by Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors.

Initially I tried to run this morning but it was too bloody cold. Okay, so it was 30° with a real feel of 27°. What can I say, old age has made me a wimp for exercising in cold weather.

So I waited to run until this afternoon (when the temperature reached a balmy 53°). I went for a lovely 6 mile run outside with some in the forest preserve but most in nearby neighborhoods. Time was 1:02:23; pace 10:23. I followed the run with a lovely mile walk with my canine BFF, Ruby.

Killing it in the Pain Cave

This morning’s run is brought to you from my Deathmill in the Pain Cave. I didn’t have a great deal of available time for my workout (I need to work on making that a priority). I decided to complete a short but fast run. Starting at a 6.0 speed, I run two miles gradually increasing my speed from there. My end result: Run: 20:14, 2.03 mi, pace – 9:58. Total: 24:31 2.25mi.

No longer reinventing the wheel

Why reinvent the world when you know what works? I don’t know what on earth possessed me to not only do a different diet, let alone a two at the same time. I’m going back to the basics starting tomorrow. I’m returning to the diet that I know that works. The diet helped me to lose 58#. The GI Diet. It’s simple, effective and healthy.

Only Day 2… What?!

So today is day 2 of phase one of the Dash Diet. I mean it’s only day 2 and I have 12 whole days left! Are you kidding me?! I would almost kill right now for a glass of milk, an apple, or even a sprouted grain piece of toast. Aargh! I’m sticking completely to the diet. Last night I even resisted some serious temptation with a tray full of delicious smelling fresh cookies and brownies. Did I indulge in even one nibble? No! What makes this phase so difficult is the absence of grains, fruit and milk for two weeks. Two weeks! While I know I can do this, I’m really not enjoying their omission. I am so tempted to skip the remainder of phase one and go directly to phase two… but I know I won’t.

Having only done this one complete day, I am amazed at the very initial results. After one day, and four miles of running, I am currently down almost 4#. Seriously. I checked the scale twice. I need to stay committed and get this weight off. I can and will do this!!!

Update: Upon further thought, I realize that I’m not getting enough substance and will start phase two tomorrow. I know realize why I may have lost 4#… I’m starving! Now before you question it, yes, I’ve been staying hydrated.

Armed for Battle and Already Killing It

Ready or not, here I come!

Today was the first day of my new weight loss regime. While I know that it has been less than a week since my last weigh-in, I decided to do it now to realize my progress through out this journey. Here are the results: weight 164.8# (-2.25#), BMI 27.9 (-.4), body fat 42.4, body muscle 24.6 (+.2), resting metabolism 1451 (-9), body age 55 (I lost a year!), visceral fat 8 (the same).

Diet is going alright… considering its only the first day. I’m not too worried. The only rough part for me I think will be the first two weeks that will prohibit the consumption of whole grains, fruits and milk.

Today’s workout was brought to you by Mother Nature, I ran 4 miles and I killed it! I completed my run in 40:56! That’s a pace of 10:14! Beautiful!!

What will you do to burn move more calories?!