Only Day 2… What?!

So today is day 2 of phase one of the Dash Diet. I mean it’s only day 2 and I have 12 whole days left! Are you kidding me?! I would almost kill right now for a glass of milk, an apple, or even a sprouted grain piece of toast. Aargh! I’m sticking completely to the diet. Last night I even resisted some serious temptation with a tray full of delicious smelling fresh cookies and brownies. Did I indulge in even one nibble? No! What makes this phase so difficult is the absence of grains, fruit and milk for two weeks. Two weeks! While I know I can do this, I’m really not enjoying their omission. I am so tempted to skip the remainder of phase one and go directly to phase two… but I know I won’t.

Having only done this one complete day, I am amazed at the very initial results. After one day, and four miles of running, I am currently down almost 4#. Seriously. I checked the scale twice. I need to stay committed and get this weight off. I can and will do this!!!

Update: Upon further thought, I realize that I’m not getting enough substance and will start phase two tomorrow. I know realize why I may have lost 4#… I’m starving! Now before you question it, yes, I’ve been staying hydrated.


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