Moving slowly but only halfhearted

I’m slowly getting my exercise butt back in gear again. I’ve gone for a couple 3 mile runs outside. I have also cycled a little bit inside and out. These are only mini steps in the right direction. I must push myself harder and every day that I can. I also need to do a 180 degree change on my diet. Ugh! I need a slap upside my head.


What have I done to myself?

I truly don’t know what to say for myself. Over the last two months, I have ceased to participate in any form of exercise. I have stopped following any resemblance of  a diet. I’ve barely consumed any water and… while I could continue describing my own form of self-destruction, I will stop. Now I could make countless excuses as to why I gave up on myself, but I won’t.

The bottom line is: I didn’t make myself a priority. I ignored the weight gain, my running, my diet/exercise log, and  my basement aka The Pain Cave awaited me with beautiful equipment and other resources that many people would just dream about.

So as not to make this post a completely doom-and-gloom essay, I have a few positive notes to highlight. First of all, the last time I stepped on the scale (I think it was yesterday), I was very close to 160#. Considering how much I have blatantly ignored my diet and workouts over the last two months… this is nothing short of a miracle. Also, I am making very serious plans to get back on track in June. While that may sound like procrastination, this is the reality of my life lately.

While I no longer have races to train for,  I have to start to create for myself my own specific goals, objectives, deadlines and odd as it may sound, my own races. I already miss not training for running races like marathons and half-marathons. I did promise my fiancee last year that if she tolerated me through my marathon training and race ( to hope for support would not have been likely), that I would no longer register for those kind of races again. That’ s a promise that I sometimes regret making. When I give my word, however, I keep it.