Finding my running groove again

Never could I have been compared to sleek gazelle or cheetah. I have also never had any illusions of grandeur about my running speed. I have, however been much faster than my current state (~11 minute mile). I know I will eventually get faster but for now, I have to accept my slow speed.

Mind you, I did not do that with yesterday’s 3 mile run. Having apparently taking temporary leave of my faculties I ran the first half under the illusion that I had gone back in time and trying to maintain a 10 minute pace. Not to shockingly, I had to stop, catch my breath and even walk .25 mile. Then I could finish my run at the much slower pace.

With today’s 5 mile run, I used more common sense. Trying to keep my pace between 10:45 and 11:00, I did so very much better! I ran the entire distance under 55 minutes and averaged a 10:52 pace.

While I have a long road ahead of me to return to a 10 minute pace. I know I can do it! It just takes time.


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