Returning to some old friends

This morning’s workout is brought to you by the Pain Cave. Not having done either workout in a while, today I did small rowing and cycling workout. Trying to ease myself back into these areas I did not go crazy this morning. Mind you, I still worked up a sweat and a sore but. I rowed for 10 minutes for 1730 meters and biked vigorously around the Hawaiian islands for 20 minutes. Its a small workout I know but having ran 6 miles late yesterday afternoon, I didn’t want to completely murder my legs.


Fresh warm air run

Today’s run is brought to you by Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors.

Initially I tried to run this morning but it was too bloody cold. Okay, so it was 30° with a real feel of 27°. What can I say, old age has made me a wimp for exercising in cold weather.

So I waited to run until this afternoon (when the temperature reached a balmy 53°). I went for a lovely 6 mile run outside with some in the forest preserve but most in nearby neighborhoods. Time was 1:02:23; pace 10:23. I followed the run with a lovely mile walk with my canine BFF, Ruby.

Killing it in the Pain Cave

This morning’s run is brought to you from my Deathmill in the Pain Cave. I didn’t have a great deal of available time for my workout (I need to work on making that a priority). I decided to complete a short but fast run. Starting at a 6.0 speed, I run two miles gradually increasing my speed from there. My end result: Run: 20:14, 2.03 mi, pace – 9:58. Total: 24:31 2.25mi.

No longer reinventing the wheel

Why reinvent the world when you know what works? I don’t know what on earth possessed me to not only do a different diet, let alone a two at the same time. I’m going back to the basics starting tomorrow. I’m returning to the diet that I know that works. The diet helped me to lose 58#. The GI Diet. It’s simple, effective and healthy.

Only Day 2… What?!

So today is day 2 of phase one of the Dash Diet. I mean it’s only day 2 and I have 12 whole days left! Are you kidding me?! I would almost kill right now for a glass of milk, an apple, or even a sprouted grain piece of toast. Aargh! I’m sticking completely to the diet. Last night I even resisted some serious temptation with a tray full of delicious smelling fresh cookies and brownies. Did I indulge in even one nibble? No! What makes this phase so difficult is the absence of grains, fruit and milk for two weeks. Two weeks! While I know I can do this, I’m really not enjoying their omission. I am so tempted to skip the remainder of phase one and go directly to phase two… but I know I won’t.

Having only done this one complete day, I am amazed at the very initial results. After one day, and four miles of running, I am currently down almost 4#. Seriously. I checked the scale twice. I need to stay committed and get this weight off. I can and will do this!!!

Update: Upon further thought, I realize that I’m not getting enough substance and will start phase two tomorrow. I know realize why I may have lost 4#… I’m starving! Now before you question it, yes, I’ve been staying hydrated.

Armed for Battle and Already Killing It

Ready or not, here I come!

Today was the first day of my new weight loss regime. While I know that it has been less than a week since my last weigh-in, I decided to do it now to realize my progress through out this journey. Here are the results: weight 164.8# (-2.25#), BMI 27.9 (-.4), body fat 42.4, body muscle 24.6 (+.2), resting metabolism 1451 (-9), body age 55 (I lost a year!), visceral fat 8 (the same).

Diet is going alright… considering its only the first day. I’m not too worried. The only rough part for me I think will be the first two weeks that will prohibit the consumption of whole grains, fruits and milk.

Today’s workout was brought to you by Mother Nature, I ran 4 miles and I killed it! I completed my run in 40:56! That’s a pace of 10:14! Beautiful!!

What will you do to burn move more calories?!







Fast one in the Pain Cave

Having been a little lazy this morning, I realized that I didn’t leave much time for my workout. So I made it quick. Starting with a speed of 6.0 on my Deathmill, I kept increasing my speed every minute or so until I finished a mile at 7.4 speed. It took 8:44 to achieve that. Then I walked a four minute cool down. Total: 13:44, 1.25 mi.

Weigh-in Take 2

While I’ve had another big setback lately, I’m also working with new tools. In this case, I’m referring to a new scale. (The old one would produce different numbers, even if you just stepped off of it and got right back on.) The new scale is by Omron. When I reluctantly climbed on it today, let me share what I learned about my current pathetic state.

Weight: self-explanatory and currently is 167# (32# left to lose).

BMI: body mass index and currently is 28.3 (I have quite a journey to get below 25)

Body muscle %(bum): currently only 24.4%. Truly sad.

Resting metabolism: This should be the calories I’m burning while at rest. This makes no sense as it suggests that I burn 1460 calories at rest. Ummmm maybe if I was Michael Phelps.

Body age: another self-explanatory and currently 56. Seriously, this is eight years older than my chronological age.

Visceral fat: the fat surrounding one’s abs and other internal organs.  The number should be 1-12. I’m currently have the  #8. Not bad but not great.

I need improvements across the board. 

Plan B, Or is it Plan Z?

In my previous post, I wrote of my new plan of attack. As research continues (I’ll officially start on Monday), I am starting see many potential snags in my upcoming regime. For example, during Phase One of the Dash Diet, I will not be able to eat any grains or fruits for two weeks. Due to the lack of blood sugar that will be in my blood, it recommends not exercising for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Pfft! Like that’s going to happen! I will just have to figure out how not to pass out. Also, it mentions that I can eat sugar-free jello and the like. Consider I get migraines any time I consume most sugar substitutes, THAT is not going to happen either. Another point of contention, it states it is unnecessary to count calories on this diet. I can’t not do it.

I can hear you now. If there are so many issues with this diet, then why do it? There are just as many, if not more,  reasons why I want to include this diet in my approach. First of all, it is considered one of the best diets out there for heart health. Secondly, it’s completely logical and with the exception of the first two weeks, it’s completely doable. Thirdly, it is a  mostly plant-based diet that I am looking forward to returning to. Finally, combined with the GI Diet, drinking copious amounts of water and sticking to a strict exercise regime; I know I will get my body, my health into amazing shape!

Pushing it in the Pain Cave & Setbacks

Let me start out with the positive. This morning I ran through the forest (albeit virtually) on the Deathmill in the Pain Cave. It was a glorious 65 minute, 6.23 mi interval run. It was six intervals of 5.7-5.9 for 9 minutes/ 5.4-5.6 for 1 minute. Followed by five minutes at a 6.0 speed. It was beautiful! Totals 70 minutes (gotta have a cool down); 6.47 miles.

Now, the not so good news. Last week I had my semiannual blood test. I have a long history with high cholesterol and have had to take medication most of my adult life. I’ve been able to be Lipitor-free. Sadly, that is no longer the case. I shall spare you the grisly details of all of the numbers but just know that it is the worst numbers I ever had and total cholesterol was 264. Well many cuss words were spoken by me as I received the news, and my wake up call arrived. I promptly started my research. After 24 hours, I have come up with a game plan: combine the Dash Diet with the Low G.I. Diet, amp up the exercise and water and keep track every day with My Fitness Pal app. Then, at my next blood test in October, well see how I did.